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Camp That Love Built

We provide a week-long summer camp anually for people ages 6+ diagnosed with Spina Bifida, by focusing on a family–oriented and completely volunteer driven environment to enrich all lives of volunteers/campers by ensuring a sense of belonging, a network of friends and families, and a positive learning environment focused on independence and growth.

This year camp will be held July 3rd-July 7th, 2023 In Burton, Texas at Camp for All.

For questions on volunteering please email our secretary at 

Camp That Love Built

Camp Activities

Campers have access to a variety of fun arts and crafts to create cherished mementos from their time at camp.

From swimming to canoeing, campers get the chance to have some water fun in an adaptive environment.

Campers will get a chance to fish and enjoy some great outdoor activities while making amazing memories!

The week of camp ends with a fun, themed party for all campers. Get ready to dance the night away!

We have an onsite petting zoo for the campers and plenty of fun nature to explore together!

Campers can participate in a variety of wheelchair sports and fun games with friends!


Camp FAQ's

Campers pay $500

Volunteers pay $100  

Financial assistance is available, however it is on a limited basis. We only have a $2,500 scholarship budget and all requests/ applications must be approved by the camp admin team. 

We attend camp at Camp For All in Burton, TX. Our camp uses their facilities and program staff, but we have a schedule of activities and goals for the week.

Campers can attend once they are 6 years old. We do not put an age limit on our campers, and they can attend as long as they want to.

Typically camp is during the week of July 4th. The dates for the following year usually get set in stone towards the end of the year.

We have 1 DNP (Doctorate in Nursing) who has over 15 years of experience in the ER as our medical director. We have a FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner) who has ER and clinical experience as the charge nurse. We also have anywhere from 1-3 additional RNs. They provide all medical care needed including administration of medicine, wound care, any catheterization, bowel programs, etc.  

During the application process, we send out a link to the special diet forms. Once that is received, the kitchen staff at Camp For All will ensure that at each meal, accommodations are met. 

It is an overnight camp. Campers arrive on Sunday and depart Friday afternoon. Volunteers arrive Saturday afternoon and leave Friday afternoon. 

Absolutely! The majority of our volunteers are friends and/or family members of someone with Spina Bifida. Most of our volunteers have grown up around Camp That Love Built due to the fact of being close to someone with Spina Bifida. For those who don’t have any experience, we ensure we complete training with them prior to camp to include how to properly lift and be an asset to the camper. 

Yes, our community service hours max out at 120, depending on the length of time someone is at camp. 

  1. Sign up to volunteer at camp (multiple options)
  2. Donations 
  3. Help us prep for camp in the off season. 
  4. Help us coordinate a fundraising campaign.
  5. Follow us on social media and share our information.

No. Every position within our camp is a volunteer position without pay. Our leadership staff works year-round on top of family and career commitments in order to make camp happen (This is our camp director’s email) (This is our admin team’s email)

You can also send us message through our social media accounts or through our contact page!

Special Message

From The Camp Director

Jodia Cole
Camp Director
“This camp is engrained in my family and almost every memory I have of summertime and the holidays. Becoming Camp Director is a dream job for me because it is the absolute perfect place for me. I love what we represent and that we make every effort to accomplish amazing things throughout the year and our week at camp. Many of us are lifelong friends but every one of us becomes family to each other. This camp is what we live for and strive to make the best we can. We just truly love being a part of something that has such a huge impact on so many levels. “
Stephen Volunteer

Camp reminds us how life truly doesn't care about your situation or limitations, but instead who the person is as an individual and how you respond to that situation.

Kaytlynn Camper

Camp brings you out of your comfort zone and lets you try new things. I love how camp is fun and also teaches you to be responsible in learning things I didn't think I could do.

Toni Camper

I get to reconnect with friends every year at camp. To me, camp is a source of independence and I look forward to it every year.

David Camper

Camp is about meeting new friends like me. My years at camp have taught me how to be an adult while living with my disability.

Sofia Camper

To me camp made me realize that I am capable of so much more than i thought possible. Camp is a second home to me.

Brennan Camper

At camp, I feel I belong. Differences between people with and without disabilities don't exist here. This is a place without judgement.

Alex Camper

Camp is a great place that creates a world where your disability isn't the end. It shows you there is more to life.

Isaiah Camper

Every activity is my favorite activity! All of my friends are really nice and the staff are amazing!

Chris Cabin Assistant with Spina Bifida

Camp gives me purpose. I have spina bifida and am able to pass along what I have learned to those attending camp.

Kevin Camper

Camp is family. It has taught me independence. I live in my own apartment and work a full time job because of what I have learned at camp.

Chris C. Camper

I can be myself without fear of being judged, and all the activities that are normally reserved for those without disabilities are able to be done by all of us here at camp!


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    We are constantly in search of passionate volunteers who are willing to share their time and talents to help create a memorable experience for those affected by spina bifida. Each year, we host a summer camp for the spina bifida community where they can participate in outdoor activities, make new friends, and gain new skills.